At a most vulnerable & traumatic stage in my recovery post Head Injury, Lesley Vedelego provided genuine care, professionalism & a degree of expertise and knowledge unsurpassed, and genuinely appreciated. Her experience & knowledge specific to persistent symptoms post Concussion has been a God send. The thorough "investigation & treatment options" were most welcome & a first after seeking effective rehabilitation for nearly 3 yrs. I am so grateful, that a Neuro - Optometrist who is not only passionate but who shares her extensive knowledge ( having been a Uni lecturer in this subject), is so dedicated & was able to offer me hope... the Post Trauma Vision Syndrome diagnosis makes sense & has provided a platform to develop a realistic rehab plan. Lesley's thorough knowledge & expertise in Neuro -Optomotry was a breath of fresh air & a life saver providing tangible and real person centred solutions, most importantly she takes the time to be human. Thank You.

Brenda D Avatar Brenda D

Supportive and caring team.

Dr.Sandeep Shreeram Goel Avatar Dr.Sandeep Shreeram Goel

First time patient, extremely happy with service.

Joy Gilbert Avatar Joy Gilbert

Very nice and very helpful 🙂

Faii Avatar Faii

We have been going to Vedelago Optometrist’s for round 20 years and have always found the service and follow ups excellent from both Lesley and now Sheila. The receptionists are always friendly and extremely helpful both at the time and after.

Lynne Rose Avatar Lynne Rose

Have been coming to Lesley since she first opened her doors and have trusted her all this time, sorry to see her leave, but the staff there now are as professional and caring as Lesley thank you

Len Chriss Avatar Len Chriss

From start of consultation to prescribing glasses, we found Sheila to be extremly professional in all aspects of the examination. The office staff were very friendly and quite helpfull. I would refer any of my family or friends to them.

Kevy K Avatar Kevy K

Fantastic customer service and friendly staff.

Andrew Spyro Avatar Andrew Spyro

Thanks to the diligence and expertise of ther lovely staff at Vedelago I have been saved by days from loosing my eye sight. I would recommend their caring expertise to anyone requiring an optometrst visit Thank you ladies

Simone Miller Avatar Simone Miller

Had a great experience with the crew, who were extremely helpful, very good at what they do, and above all, human. Pricing was way less than expected compared to glasses I bought from another optometrist. Give them a try….they are lovely people and do a great job.

Gary Gawronski Avatar Gary Gawronski

Very helpful.

Allan Lahey Avatar Allan Lahey